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Delight & Luke

12 yearsDelight & Luke

I met Luke for the first time through my brother on a trip to Costa Rica He was filled with light and love We had such a great time getting to know each other After that trip he came to visit me and I knew he was the only man for me forever Share on Facebook [ close ]

Denis & Sheryl

7 yearsDenis & Sheryl

I met Sherly when I was deployed She was in the Air Force and I was in the Marine Corps She was gorgeous and I couldn't help but want to be around her We quickly began seeing each other and haven't been apart since Share on Facebook [ close ]

Kelsey & Matt

13 yearsKelsey & Matt

We started dating in high school and tried many times to take breaks but nothing could keep us apart College distance careers and life couldn't keep us from each other We've grown up together and now get to grow old together Share on Facebook [ close ]

Kasin & Eric

8 yearsKasin & Eric

We both moved back to the bay area after college and were introduced through a mutual friend Eric was immediately hooked and began courting Kasin right away I never knew how wonderful it could be Share on Facebook [ close ]

Charleston & Talle

8 yearsCharleston & Talle

Two months after I met Talle I deployed to war for the second time Every moment I had we corresponded via emails letters or phone calls We were in love but it was new and fragile Who knew a love could last during some of the most difficult times in our generation Share on Facebook [ close ]

The making of a real True Love story

"We were strengthening our love with every keystroke."

Two months after I met Talle I deployed to war for the second time. Every moment I had we corresponded via emails, letters, or phone calls. We were in love, but it was new and fragile. Who knew a love could last during some of the most difficult times in our generation.

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"Charlle will change everything you know about love and relationships in one of the most controversial and provocative thoughts on love."


Hurry! Help Talle solve the codes to get to her "Interesting Proposal". Layered within Charlle: the making of a real True Love story are a number of riddles, codes, and ciphers having to do with love, but only four (4) specific ones will lead to her destination.
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"A magic exists inside everyone and you must treasure it. Guard it with your life, because the world will tear it away from you ravenously."

a real True Love story

Finding the one two months before deploying to war was only the beginning...

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Once upon a time... a Marine met a girl. It was a moonlight night with fresh winds blowing threw the Southern California hills. When their eyes met they were instantly attracted to each other. They were pulled like gravity toward each other without thought or care of how quickly they would be torn apart.

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Talle Talle is a Human Rights Attorney, licensed to practice in the state of Florida. She is tenaciously passionate about Human Trafficking and the injustices occurring in the Global Sex Trade. Talle currently works with the State Attorney Office in Palm Beach.


Charleston Charleston is a Major in the United States Marine Corps. He served two combat tours in Fallujah and Al Qaim, Iraq, and lead a Scout Sniper Platoon through two major offensive operations. Charleston currently works with entrepreneurs in South Florida and is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.

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