True Love Must Be Written...

An Interesting Proposal

I have a question to ask Talle, but to find out what it is she must be at the right time and place. She will need your help in solving four codes that will lead to her final destination, where she will receive an "Interesting Proposal".

Within Charlle: the making of a real True Love story there are four (4) ciphers that will provide the answers. When you have solved the codes enter them into the fields to send the answers to Talle. And hurry! In order for her to arrive at the right time and place you'll need to act fast.

Break the Code

Each code in the book reveals messages and patterns that will aid you in solving the next one. Convert the city to a modern day city. Convert the time to the city's local time, using military time, ex. 1:33pm equals 13:33. Compute the actual location for my final question. When your finished submit your answers to the right, but be certain. You have three (3) shots. Talle can't afford to get lost.

More About Codes

Secret Codes have often been used throughout history to encrypt communications. When highly sensitive materials or in the case of relationships highly emotional issues were discussed we often defer to coded messages. Many codes and ciphers use simple patterns to encrypt their messages. Figure out the pattern and breaking the code is easy.

Solve the Code Fill in the Blanks


", because it needs a little help."

Meet me in this city:


", so make it grand!"

At this time:

  1. If threw not the world would land in heaven.
  2. San was famously misplaced here next to the haystacks.
  3. If you walked out my front door you would see Plenty of .
  4. At the root of this is one , but the two Saucers just as nice.

I'll be at the most beautiful view west of the most northern point.

Where will I propose?


What will I ask Talle?


Enter Your Contact Info

Enter your name. Ex. Luke Parker

Enter your email. Ex.



You broke The Engagement Code.

Watch on Vimeo The Proposal.